CHP Student Mentors 17-18

Student mentors are upper-class students enrolled in the Campus Honors Program who have been active in the program. These leaders are included on our website for purposes of helping our newer students. We hope that you will contact one or more of these students for purposes of (a) learning more about classes or a particular major, (b) receiving recommendations about particular courses based on career and personal interests, and (c) making a new friend in the Campus Honors Progam!

Spenser Bailey

Spenser Bailey, a sophomore in the College of LAS, says Hello! His major is history, with a (probable) minor in statistics. Also he works as one of the undergraduate assistants at the University Archives. When not in one of the UI libraries (of which, the Main Library, Communications Library, and Chemistry Library are his favorites) or the Honors House, you can find him hanging in Nugent Hall where he lives or on the Quad if it’s a nice day. In free time, he enjoys reading, playing golf, watching football, and hanging out with friends.

Julia Brodecki

Julia Brodecki is a sophomore studying Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Physics. She is from Palos Park, Illinois, which is a small southwest suburb of Chicago. On campus she likes to spend time at any of the nearby Espresso Royale cafes, and loves to read in free time.

Joey Bryant

Joey Bryant, from Rock Island, Illinois is a junior studying physics and minoring in computer science. He likes to play video games or board games in his free time, and hangs out at... his apartment when not at the Honors house, although it's mostly the Honor's House.

Amanda Cowfer

Amanda Cowfer is a senior currently double majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Chemistry, and will be graduating next spring -- then it's off to graduate school! In free time (the little that exists) she likes to volunteer and take her dog for walks (she's awesome). If not in the Honors House she is most likely camped out at her desk in RAL, or at home with Stella/pupper (because again she's awesome).

Sofia Garfis-Yi

Sofia Garfis-Yi is currently a senior double-majoring in Communication and Sociology with a minor in Art and Design. She’s from Aurora, a suburb which is actually the second largest city after Chicago! In her free time, she usually likes to sit back with a book or draw and sometimes tries to hit the gym. Her favorite spots on campus are the ACES library, the Illini Union, and Caffe Paradiso!

Stan Gurtler

Stan Gurtler says "Howdy! He is a senior in CS minoring in Linguistics. He’s a “Townie” from right here in Urbana, and even went to high school at Uni High on campus! When not at the Honors House, his favorite spot on campus is the Arboretum. He tells us it's a bit far from the main drag but it's a quiet, nice little area to relax. In free time he likes to play DDR and other rhythm games, down in the Rec Room of the Illini Union; it's loads of fun, and there are usually folks there who can show you the ropes, so you should try it out!"

Erica Hackett

Erica Hackett is a junior in the College of Business studying marketing and international business. Erica is from Elmhurst, Illinois and went to York High School. When not studying, she loves to hang out with friends in the Business Council, read, and she absolutely loves traveling. Last semester she studied abroad in Milan, Italy and next semester she will studying in Sydney, Australia!

Katherine Hacker

Katherine Hacker aka “Kate” is a sophomore majoring in Accounting. She’s from Yorkville, IL (where they hold a Halloween EGG hunt!). Kate’s favorite non-study- time pastime is working out and is usually found at the ARC or working at the Espresso Royale in BIF.

Hamed Kadiani

Hamed Kadiani is currently a junior in Accounting (graduating this year and spending a fourth year getting a Master's degree in Accounting, here at UIUC). He is earning two minors in German and political science. Hamed is from the city of Springfield and graduated from Springfield High School. Hamed states that he loved being involved with CHP as an orientation leader the last two years, as well as being a senior sibling last year! When he is not studying, he enjoys playing tennis, soccer, and volleyball. A great hangout spot for him is at BIF studying or socializing!

Samuel LeRoy

Samuel LeRoy is a senior in Marketing and Management. He is from Champaign! His favorite activities are watching or playing sports so it seems logical that his favorite place to hang out is Memorial Stadium on a crisp fall day.

Armando Sanchez-Monsivais

Armando Sanchez-Monsivais is currently a junior in Advertising with a minor in Informatics. He is from Aurora, IL and states that his time at U of I and with CHP has been amazing. You can find him much of the time at Dunkin Donuts because he loves their happy hour coffee (He admits he may be slightly addicted to the caramel iced coffee).

Connor Reardon

Connor Reardon is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science from Decatur, IL. When not in class, he’s biking around campus or studying in the Honors House or Siebel. And he is an usher through Krannert Center Student Association for performances at KCPA; and he especially enjoys the concerts and operas.

Annalisa Roncone

Annalisa Roncone is from Lindenhurst IL, and a senior in Economics with a minor in Business. She is an active student leader on campus, serving as a student senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for the Illinois Student Government and UC Senate. She also is involved with Student Alumni Ambassadors, as well as serves on multiple campus level and UC Senate committees. As an avid sports fan, she can quite often be found cheering on the Fighting Illini with other Illini Pride members at athletic events or her favorite hang-out Spots: Union, Math Library or Memorial Stadium.

Parrish Smith

Parrish Smith is a senior studying Crop Sciences with a concentration of horticultural food systems. Parrish grew up in the small town of Ashland, right outside of Springfield. In her free time, she enjoys bringing her dogs to the park, gardening, and cooking. If she is not at the Honors House, she might be in the Plant Sciences Laboratory or the kitchen of her home in White Heath, Illinois.

James Tiao

James Tiao is a sophomore majoring in Accounting and Finance from South Barrington, IL who attended Barrington High School. He serves as a Peer Tutor in the College of Business and also tutors Finance and Economics courses. If anyone needs help with their classes, planning their schedule, or advice on possible career choices he is very happy to help as he is qualified as a Peer Advisor. Among favorite pastimes are hanging out with friends; playing 2K and volleyball -- especially beach volleyball if the weather is nice [where’s the beach?]. If looking for him, you will find him studying at the BIF or working out at the gym. If you have any questions about academics or extracurricular programs, or just want to talk, feel free to reach out to James.

Justin Tiao

Justin Tiao is a sophomore in Bioengineering from South Barrington, IL. When not studying, (which is extremely rare because he is in engineering), you will find him in a gym or playing sports. And when not at the Honors House you can find him pouring over his studies at the Grainger Engineering Library! He notes that if you have any questions about the Campus Honors Program, or the University in general, to please contact him! :)

Gabby Walker

Gabby Walker is a sophomore in Food Science and Human Nutrition in the College of ACES. She graduated from the small southwestern town of Greenfield, Illinois, with a class of 31 students (no that's not a typo). In the few moments of free time she has away from studying, she may be found in the sauna at the ARC, working in a Nutrition Laboratory here on campus or in line at Dunkin' for a treat! (: Bonus Tip: if you really need a quiet room all to yourself for studying, you can rent out a "study room" at ACES Library, completely free for students!