Class Projects

CMN 220: Dreamer

CMN 220: Numbers

CMN 220: The Complete Core Presentation

CMN 220: Policy Proposal

CMN 220: Building

RHET 233: Principles of Composition

RHET 243: Inter Expository Writing

ANTH 103: Anthro in a Changing World

CMN 220: Bike Sharers UIUC

CMN 220: The Champaign-Urbana Startup Visa Initiative

CMN 220: Association for a Greener Illinois

CMN 220: Field Trip to Atwood, IL

Project by Chancellor's Scholar Alessandra Musetti

CMN 220: Immigration Debate

CMN 220: Drug Policy

CMN 220: Finding Humanity Within Our Prisons

CMN 220: Desegregating Chicago

CMN 220: Rural Health Care

ART 199: Fall 2015 Art Show