Program Benefits

  • Campus Honors Program (CHP) courses: cover a wide-range of topics; may fullfill general education requirements; provide opportunities for students to discover connections between their own and other disciplines; may provide opportunities for field trips, publications and research.

  • Chancellor’s Scholars may wear the traditional silver and orange braided graduation cords as part of their formal academic attire during the UI Commencement ceremony, and notation is made on student transcripts.

  • Chancellor's Scholars have the benefit of early registration.

  • Chancellor's Scholars receive $1,000 per year, split into $500 of support each semester for up to eight semesters. Additional financial support may be available through scholarships, summer research and travel grants, the Yanai Ambassadorship, and the Outstanding Senior Award.

  • The Chancellor's Scholars' Travel Fund supports domestic and foreign travel during the summer for such purposes as studying abroad, taking advantage of an internship opportunity, or gaining access to research resources. A maximum of $1,000 will be awarded to each recipient for travel outside the boundaries of the U.S.; $500 maximum for travel within the U.S.

  • The CHP summer research award offers Chancellor's Scholars an opportunity to develop and explore a topic of their choice. This program provides a stipend of $2,000 for eight weeks.

  • Each year, one student is selected as the Yanai Goodwill Ambassador. This student will travel to Yanai, Japan for a four-week intercultural exchange. Students stay with host families who provide many cultural opportunities. If a Chancellor’s Scholar is selected as the Yanai Ambassador, the CHP will contribute $1,000 toward travel costs.

  • The CHP sponsors intensive cultural and research study abroad experiences. Previous destinations include Curacao, Japan and the Galapagos Islands. Professor Helaine Silverman (Anthropology) has led groups of students through a thrilling exploration of Peru. Students in Professor Robert Pahre's CHP course have explored the national parks of West Texas and adjacent parts of New Mexico.

  • Convocation is an annual event with a thought-provoking guest speaker who addresses questions of broad contemporary importance. This event is held in memory of former Chancellor's Scholar Keith L. Kelroy, and is supported by gifts in his memory.