Scholarship Information

Students admitted to the CHP receive scholarships as indicated below. These scholarships are not advertised as merit-based scholarships student must apply and be admitted to the CHP, agreeing to participate in the undergraduate program before a scholarship is made available.

In-State Opportunities

In-state students admitted to the CHP receive a scholarship each semester for their first year.

Out-Of-State Opportunities

Out-of-state students admitted to the CHP may receive a scholarship in the form of a partial tuition waiver, covering some of the difference between out-of-state and in-state tuition at UIUC. However, only approximately 10 out-of-state scholarships are available each year. The waiver can be renewed for a second year if the student continues to participate in the CHP and meets all requirements for retention. The waiver is not available during the third or fourth year.

Research and Travel Grants

Students who are admitted to the program can apply for summer grants to fund student research projects ($1,000) or to support student domestic and foreign travel for educational and research purposes($500 and $1,000 respectively). See this page for more information.