Calling for Equinox Submissions 2022!

Hello, Chancellor’s Scholars!

It’s that time of year again! CHP’s literary and arts magazine, Equinox, is accepting your submissions until Wednesday, December 7 for a priority deadline for our 2022-2023 issue! We will be accepting submissions until a few weeks into second semester. If you don’t know what Equinox is, you can check out our previous issues on the CHP website:

Submit your original or class creations for consideration in the categories of Poetry, Photography, Art, Non-Fiction Prose, Fiction Prose, & Miscellany to the editors at Please include the category, title, and full name in your email. In addition, we’re on the lookout for people to help out with Copy-Editing, Organization, & Design.

AND if you’re more journalistically inclined, inquire with the Equinox team or for writing opportunities with the annual newsletter.

For prose and poetry categories, please limit your works to no more than 10 pages single-spaced. Art is open to all mediums — scan or take photos of your work. We do not accept fanworks or copyrighted material. Finally, there is no maximum to the number of submissions you can send, though there will be a limit on the number of pieces accepted per person. The Equinox review team will take a couple weeks to review everything once submissions close. Then you’ll be contacted to let you know whether your submission(s) were selected or not. Once again, send all inquiries and submissions to! We’re excited to show off your work!

~ The Equinox Team