A robust, exciting array of seminar-style courses is at the core of the Campus Honors Program. Chancellor’s Scholars take classes across the disciplines and interact with faculty dedicated to undergraduate teaching. Many of the CHP classes fulfill campus General Education requirements. In our courses, Chancellor’s Scholars explore a wide variety of fields and engage with compelling social, environmental, economic, philosophical, scientific, historical, and/or cultural questions. Any questions about CHP classes should be directed to Associate Director Anne Price at

Students not enrolled in the Campus Honors Program may petition to take a CHP course. Please use this link to access the CHP Course Request Form for Non-CHP Students. Once completed, please email the form to Entry into CHP classes requires a minimum 3.3 GPA and is subject to seat availability in the class.

Faculty interested in teaching for the Campus Honors Program are welcome to contact Associate Director Anne Price and Director Laurie Johnson. Interested faculty complete a Course Proposal Form, and, as desired, a General Education Petition Form.

2024-25Fall 2024
2023-24Fall 2023Spring 2024
2022-23Fall 2022Spring 2023
2021-22Fall 2021Spring 2022
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