Current Faculty

The Campus Honors Program welcomes course proposals from UIUC faculty. Please email the completed forms to

Course Proposal Form (Microsoft Word)

Gen Ed Credit Petition Form (Microsoft Word)

George F. Czapar – Crop Sciences/Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Hannah Holscher – Food Science and Human Nutrition/Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Prasanta K. Kalita – Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Soo-Yeun Lee – Food Science and Human Nutrition, Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Steve Petruzzello – Kinesiology/Applied Health Sciences

Matt Ehrlich – Journalism/Media

Nikki Usher – Journalism/Media

Chris Napolitano – Educational Psychology/Education

Daniel Andruczyk – Nuclear, Plasma, & Radiological Engineering/Engineering

Mohamed Boubekri – Architecture/Fine and Applied Arts

Jennifer Gunji-Ballsrud – Japan House/Fine and Applied Arts

Erik Hemingway – Architecture/Fine and Applied Arts

J.W. Morrissette – Theatre/Fine and Applied Arts

Michael LeRoy – Labor and Employment Relations/Law

Rakesh Bhatt – Linguistics/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Eric Calderwood – Comparative & World Literature/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Jane C. Desmond – Anthropology/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Brian Fields – Astronomy/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Christopher Freeburg – English/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Peter Fritzsche – History/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Grace A Giorgio – Communication/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Gioconda Guerra Perez – Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies/Liberal Arts and Sciences

James Hansen – English/Liberal Arts and Sciences

A.J. Hildebrand – Mathematics/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Laurie R. Johnson – Germanic Languages & Literatures/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Brett Kaufman – Classics/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Jonathan Livengood – Philosophy/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Leslie Looney – Astronomy/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bradley Mehrtens – Instructor in MCB/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Robert Pahre – Political Science/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Stephen L. Parente – Economics/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Martin K. Perry – Economics/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ryan K. Shosted – Linguistics/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Helaine Silverman – Anthropology/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Andrea Stevens – English/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ariana Traill – Classics/Liberal Arts and Sciences

Carol Tilley – Information Sciences

Ben Lough – Social Work