What are the key features of CHP?

Approximately 125 freshmen are admitted to the Campus Honors Program (CHP) each year. An additional number of freshmen may join the CHP by submitting an application by February 1st of their freshman year. CHP courses provide an honors-quality way of satisfying general education requirements, and helping students to discover the interrelations between their own and other disciplines. Required CHP coursework is concentrated during the student’s first two years of study, when students take specialized versions of general education courses. During the student’s last two years of study, students are required to take one CHP interdisciplinary seminar.

The CHP offers social and intellectual activities outside of the classroom through field trips, special events, and three cocurriculur programs: the Keith L. Kelroy Convocation, Krannert Dress Rehearsals, and the Scholar Adventurers Series.
In consultation with their departmental academic advisors, Chancellor’s Scholars develop their own combination of regular and CHP courses. Accordingly, most of the courses our students take are regular University offerings. The CHP is directed at students who desire an undergraduate education that is broad and general as well as specialized.

How does being a Chancellor’s Scholar benefit me?

The CHP seeks to combine the advantages of a major public institution with those of a liberal arts college. Opportunities include:

  • $1,000 per year, split into $500 of support each semester for up to eight semesters
  • Stimulating courses designed especially for high achieving students, that are taught by some of the most brilliant and highly qualified faculty on campus
  • Social and educational activities such as the Keith L. Kelroy Convocation, Krannert Dress Rehearsals and Scholar Adventurers Series programs
  • Chancellor’s Scholars receive the benefit of early registration
  • Summer Research and Travel Grants to support such purposes as studying abroad, internship opportunities or gaining access to research resources
  • Access to the Honors House which includes an atmosphere conducive to study and relaxation, as well as free printing for CHP classwork

What are the criteria for admission to CHP?

Acceptance is based upon standardized test scores, high school class rank, grade-point average, leadership, extracurricular involvement and essays.

What kinds of courses does the CHP offer?

CHP courses cover a wide range of disciplines. We offer a selection of honors variant general education courses and interdisciplinary seminars.

Chancellor’s Scholars are required to choose four courses and one interdisciplinary seminar from a listing of CHP offerings that best fit their personal interests, as well as their college and departmental curricular requirements.

Are CHP courses more difficult than regular courses?

No. Students can expect more interacting, critical writing and thinking. Because the class-size is typically smaller and conducted seminar-style, more is expected of the individual student in terms of active participation. Students benefit from individualized attention and greater opportunity for discussion. Students must receive a minimum grade of B- to fulfill the CHP requirement.

How do CHP requirements fit in with other university requirements?

Many CHP courses satisfy general education requirements, and are encouraged to be taken during the first two years of study. Four of the five CHP courses are either honors versions of general education courses or special topics courses that may be taken as electives. The fifth course is an interdisciplinary seminar, which is taken during the student’s last two years of study. CHP courses count towards James Scholars requirements.

What if I decide that CHP isn’t for me?

Participation is voluntary, and students will receive credit for completed CHP courses. Please contact the CHP staff at chp@illinois.edu should you wish to discuss the options available. Students should notify their departmental academic advisor and then the CHP in writing at chp@illinois.edu.

Can I leave the University for a semester without losing my place in the program?

Yes. Students choosing to take a leave of absence must contact their departmental academic advisor, and then notify the CHP in writing at chp@illinois.edu.

What if I want to take a semester or even a year off to do something special, like study abroad, a work/study co-op, or an internship?

It is common for students to take a semester or year off. The student must contact their departmental academic advisor, and then notify the CHP in writing. Study abroad may be substituted for the CHP interdisciplinary seminar in meeting program requirements.

Can I get research experience through the CHP?

Yes. Chancellor’s Scholars may apply for a CHP Summer Research and/or Travel Award. The Summer Research Award provides recipients a stipend of $2,000 for eight weeks to explore a topic of their choice, working under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. The CHP Summer Travel Award supports domestic and foreign travel for such purposes as studying abroad, an internship opportunity, or gaining access to research resources. A maximum of $1,000 will be awarded for travel outside the U.S.; $500 maximum for travel within.

Who will advise me on academic matters?

Students should contact their departmental academic advisor regarding academic matters. The CHP Assistant Director is the contact person for information related to CHP courses.

Does the CHP sponsor social activities?

Yes. The CHP sponsors many social events such as an orientation breakfast and BBQ, the Keith L. Kelroy Convocation, field trips, a spring formal and a graduate recognition and reception. Additionally, the Honors Student Council arranges social activities such as movie and game nights.

Is there special housing for honors students?

Yes. University Housing offers an Honors Living Learning Community option for honors students. For further information about this residence hall, please visit the Honors Living and Learning website at http://housing.illinois.edu/living-options/living-learning-communities/honors-llc.

Is there financial aid for honors students?

Chancellor’s Scholars receive $1,000 per year, split into $500 of support each semester for up to eight semesters.

What will it cost to participate in CHP?

There is no cost associated in applying for or participating in the CHP.

How do I apply for admission to CHP?

The Campus Honors Program primarily admits incoming freshmen. Current freshmen also have the opportunity to apply to the program immediately after their first semester. Details for both of these paths of admission are given on the admissions section of this website.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Please write, email or call:

Campus Honors Program
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