Student Profiles

Alice Cao

Marketing and Statistics

Alice enjoys painting and hiking and would love to star in a feature film. In the meantime, she is working behind the scenes in the media industry, but would love to move around internationally.

Antonio Gonzalez

Engineering Physics

Antonio dreams of owning and running a business! His current entrepreneurial projects include working on a bike safety startup called SafeLane and managing his online collectible card business AGEB Magic. His current involvement also includes being student president of weDignify UIUC. In his free time, he enjoys running, drumming, reading, playing tennis, and learning Spanish.

Maya Korol

Psychology and Political Science

Maya loves painting with watercolors and baking. Some fun facts about her are that she has broken her nose at least three (maybe four!) times and biked across the country summer of 2021.

Tara Leininger

Classics and History

Tara is a museum lover, lemonade connoisseur, and Squishmallow collector. She enjoys walks around campus and trying new foods whenever she can. Back at home, she has four cats.

Katie Pierce

Music Education

Katie Pierce is an oboist for Illinois Music, a saxophonist in the Marching Illini, and a friend to many. During her summers, she runs a bike camp for middle school students, where they visit restaurants, parks, and the movie theater. In her free time, she enjoys watching Law & Order SVU, shopping at the Gap, and drinking iced tea lemonades. She is looking forward to a fantastic final year at UIUC! 

Wenjie Song

Accounting & Information Systems

Wenjie loves nature, Japan House in April is her favorite place on campus, and there’s no better thing for her than hanging out with her best friend, Rony, who introduced her to CHP and the Chado class. Other than nature, Wenjie spends a lot of her time with books and movies, but she doesn’t have an answer for what her favorite movie is, as there are so many terrific ones!