Student Profiles

Daniel Cudzich

Materials Science and Engineering major, with a minor in Computer Science

Daniel absolutely loves science and research and has done everything from building new types of batteries to photographing Jupiter to writing short stories on realistic science fiction. He also loves biking, (especially at night), tennis and astronomy.

Kira Martin

Material Science and Engineering major

Kira owns four cats, loves the St. Louis Blues, lived in Canada for three years, and supposedly doesn’t say the word “egg” right!

Nina Mitchell

Business Management major

Nina loves meeting new people and is extremely friendly! She loves parmesan cheese, collects hotel key cards, favors Dasani as her favorite type of water, and loves animals, especially puppies and kittens.

Anishi Patel

Theatre Studies and Psychology major

Anishi is a passionate artist. She sews, paints, embroiders, crochets, and a lot more (at varying skill levels). She’s always up for trying a new craft!

Alan Wandke

Computer Science major

Alan really likes seals. He is planning to run a marathon, and he has been to half of the U.S. National Parks and well over half the states.

Andrew Yin

Math & Computer Science major

Andrew is from the Palatine area, but his family is from China. He was captain of his high school tennis team and has played competitively since he was 9 or 10. He likes to spend his free time learning/re-learning Chinese and Korean or hanging out with friends.